About Janet Parmely

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand, 2017

A spot so dear that its name may as well be tattooed over my heart. It took me a long time to find it.

Me at Four

My family moved around when I was growing up. My parents bickered. They bickered in Massachusetts, Tennessee, California, New York State, and even in France. All the bickering and relocating did not make for a robust sense of belonging. Or maybe the stork had just dropped me off at the wrong address.

The Ad

I eventually carved a niche for myself as a working single parent in Kansas City. But when fifty hit, that became obsolete at lightning speed. To correct a couple of rash decisions, I made an extreme one, answered an ad, and got the job.

The Catamaran

And that is how this seeker boarded the plane to New Zealand. Where I made new bad decisions. I fell for a skipper with a yacht and a mind of his own.

Dad at Eighty-Five

I agreed to be long-distance trustee for my father in Tucson, Arizona. Dementia wasn’t slowing him down, but it was playing havoc with the rest of the family.

Remove Your Muddy Gumboots Please

Through it all, I was buoyed at God’s Holding Paddock, a table of regulars at Parua Bay Tavern, the local pub, where gumboots and worries were left at the door.

Sunset over Whangarei Harbor

My one-year contract turned into a ten-year journey without a compass, a baby grand piano shipped around the world— twice—and a greater respect for the horsepower of hope.